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Padded Pelmets and Swags & Tails

At House of Stuart, we recognise that it’s the meticulous details that truly redefine a room. That’s why our extensive collection encompasses a diverse range of padded pelmets, swags & tails, and luxurious decorative trimmings.

What distinguishes our padded pelmets, swags & tails, and trimmings is the quality, design, and care with which they are crafted. Each individual piece is meticulously created in our dedicated workroom, where our skilled team infuses their craftsmanship and attention to detail into every creation. It’s the care that goes into these custom pieces that propels them into the realm of the extraordinary.

Our online collection offers a sneak peek into the style, texture, and details that our padded pelmets, swags & tails, and trimmings can infuse into your decor. However, for a genuine understanding of the artistry and quality we provide, we strongly urge you to visit our showroom. There, you’ll uncover a wide range of designs and styles, and our team will assist you in finding the perfect piece for your windows.

We proudly stock an enormous range of luxurious decorative trimmings of the finest quality including fringing, cord piping, braid, and upholstery trimmings. These exquisite additions further enhance the opulence and sophistication of our custom creations, allowing you to add a touch of decadence to your window treatments.

Enhance Your Space:
Custom Crafted Padded Pelmets and Swags & Tails