Custom Heavy Duty Tracks

Our heavy-duty curtain tracks are designed for both residential and commercial settings, offering single, double, and triple track configurations to suit various curtain styles, including the popular S wave. Choose from classic colors like white, ivory, silver, black, and gold to seamlessly integrate with your decor. With advanced functionality, our tracking system can be operated by hand control, cord control, or motorised options, available in hardwired or battery configurations. Crafted from premium aluminum, these tracks ensure durability and smooth operation, providing a stylish and efficient solution for your curtain needs.

At House of Stuart, we understand that every space is unique, and your window treatments should be too. That’s why we proudly offer custom-made heavy-duty tracks designed to cater to a variety of settings, ensuring that we have the perfect tracking solution for you.

Versatile Solutions for Diverse Spaces:

  • Curved Windows: Elevate the elegance of curved windows with our specially crafted heavy-duty tracks, seamlessly blending style with functionality.
  • Corner Windows: Transform the look of corner windows with our custom tracks, providing a smooth and stylish drapery solution.
  • Bay Windows: Enhance the charm of bay windows with tracks designed to accommodate their distinctive layout, offering both form and function.
  • High Windows: Our heavy-duty tracks for high windows provide a secure and reliable solution for tall spaces, ensuring your window treatments hang flawlessly.
  • Angled Windows: We have the expertise to create tracks that perfectly fit angled windows, marrying precision with a touch of sophistication.

Tailored Solutions for Various Settings:

  • Medical Spaces: Our heavy-duty tracks are ideal for medical settings, providing privacy solutions that align with the requirements of healthcare environments.
  • Boardrooms: Elevate the ambiance of boardrooms with our customised tracks, adding a touch of professionalism to your window treatments.
  • Offices: Create a conducive work environment by choosing heavy-duty tracks tailored to the specific needs of office spaces, ensuring both functionality and style.