Hiranni Cushions

Transform your space into a canvas of artistic design with HIRANNI. This Australian-made collection draws inspiration from local culture and global influences, resulting in a transitional masterpiece of abstract geometrics. Whether you’re enhancing a modern home or a bustling urban space, HIRANNI brings a touch of fun and intriguing patterns.

Crafted for both residential and heavy commercial use, HIRANNI showcases its tactile excellence through jacquard weaving with chenille and dry yarns. This blend adds depth, dimension, and a rich color palette to its rustic charm. With a contemporary twist on traditional global textiles, HIRANNI presents abstract geometrics that bridge ancient patterns with modern artistic flair.

The range’s worldly design and earthy color choices make it a perfect choice for those seeking authenticity and a captivating ambiance in residential and commercial environments alike. Experience the fusion of culture and creativity with HIRANNI.

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