Honeycomb Shades

Experience the allure of Honeycomb Shades, a popular choice for their aesthetics, energy efficiency, and timeless style. Their unique cellular structure creates pockets of air that act as a natural insulator, keeping your home cooler during summers and warmer during winters. These shades serve as an effective barrier, reducing energy consumption by up to 25% – 30% by minimizing heat gain or loss through windows and doors. Available in single or double layers, Norman’s Portrait™ Honeycomb line offers a wide array of fabric options, from sheer to room darkening, complete with diverse patterns and textures. Elevate your space with these shades that effortlessly blend functionality and elegance. Choose from various operating systems, including the award-winning SmartRise cordless, SmartFit®, and motorized options, for unmatched convenience and style.

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Please note that these shades are displayed in our Showroom. We invite you to visit us to view them in person.

View the brochure here.

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