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Weave Homewares

Step into the world of Weave at House of Stuart, where design, textiles, and the essence of home intertwine. Their curated collections are inspired by global cultures, from coastal serenity to urban sophistication, all rooted in quality and craftsmanship.

With Warwick Fabrics’ 50-year legacy, Weave embodies trust, integrity, and a love for textiles and color. Using locally designed products, from embroidered cushions to timeless rugs, combine meticulous detail and soft, enduring materials for lasting elegance.

While you can explore a small selection here, we invite you to visit our showroom to see our full range. Just as Weave enriches homes across Australia and New Zealand, let our collection enhance your living spaces, reflecting your unique style and appreciation for fine design.

  • Makalu 2m X 3m Rug

  • Denali 1.6m X 2.3m Rug

  • Pambula 50 X 50cm Cushion

  • Clifton 50cm X 50cm Cushion

  • Como 50cm X 50cm Cushion

  • Newstead 50 X 50cm Cushion

  • Umbra 2m X 3m Natural Rug